The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – One of the Sporting Events that is a Must See

One of the great sporting events in Australia takes place in Sydney and ends in Hobart. If you are in the city on each Boxing Day, you get to watch this amazing sport that involves sails and speed. The Sydney to Hobart Race is a prestigious sport for those with yachts and creates an amazing atmosphere for racers and spectators in Sydney.

Existent for More than Seven Decades

The sporting event has been going on for more than seven decades. For the last 74 years, the event has been taking place, it has become a favorite for many attracting different racers and seeing many win different types of trophies. This summer sport takes place annually between 26th Dec and 31st Dec ending in time for the New Year.

The Major Trophies

For the winners of this event, there are trophies that are awarded. The trophy that a racer gets depends on their position as they complete the race in Hobart. The overall winner on handicap gets the George Adams Tattersall Cup, the yacht that leads out of Sydney Heads get the Jack Rooklyn Memorial Trophy, The first yacht due south of Tasman Island gets the F & J Livingstone Trophy while the first female skipper gets the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy. the race of the yacht that travels the most distance to compete in the race also goes home with a trophy known as the Polish Trophy.

No Limitations

People contesting in the big sport do not only come from Sydney or Australia, but they also come from other countries as well. It is estimated that in each event, there are more than 1,000 participants. A yacht must have a minimum of 6 crew members according to the rules of the sport. There must be a skipper, navigator, trimmers, helmsperson, foredeck person and tactician. At most, the yacht can carry 24 crew members. There are strict rules that all members must adhere to such as having completed the Sea Safety Survival Course.

If you are in Sydney, this is a race that is a must-see that brings a vibrant atmosphere in the city. A perfect time to make it merrier with family and friends after Christmas Day. You can enjoy a picnic while watching it and as the last yacht heads out, extend the party with Sydney. 

Sports That Tourists Can Engage in Sydney

When you are a sports enthusiast and you are visiting Sydney, you definitely want to engage in a certain sport. The beauty of being in this beautiful city is that it never disappoints. There is always something for you. There are different kinds of sports such as skydiving; fishing, whitewater rafting, golfing and boating among many others.

Go Skydiving and Hang-Gliding

When you want to test your adrenaline, you should go for hang-gliding and skydiving. You will enjoy spectacular views of hinterlands and beautiful beaches. Skydiving in Sydney is quite rewarding as there is plenty of sea life and marine parks to explore. The Julian Rocks Marine Reserve makes a perfect spot to see manta rays and turtles while Montague Island is perfect for diving with seals. Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, Wollongong, Coffs Harbor, and New Castle are great to jump zones.

Enjoy Watersports

Considering that Sydney has plenty of beaches, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to watersports. For whitewater rafting, head to Penrith Whitewater Stadium and at the Sydney Harbour, paddle a kayak. One of the highlights of paddling a kayak is watching bottlenose dolphins as they play. Besides this, fishing is enjoyed at any time of the day. Charter fishing trips and fly fishing are also common in the city.

Play Golf

For the golf lovers, Sydney has plenty of golf courses such as the Blue Mountains which is declared as a World Heritage Site, the Hunter Valley and Southern Islands among others. Whether you want a countryside experience or one with spectacular views of a beach, you will have that. Actually you can play golf while enjoying scenic views of the famous Bondi Beach.

Winter Sports

If you are in Sydney during winter, you do not have to stay indoors. You can still go out there and enjoy the moment of playing various sports. The Snowy Mountains will keep you busy and warm as you enjoy skiing.

More Outdoor Activities

You will not run out of the activities that you can engage in. Abseiling, cycling, walking is just some of the other outdoor activities. Check out your local bike shop for great bicycles for sale.

To have an aerial view of the harbor city, you should go for hot-air ballooning and even parasailing.

Whether you love playing golf, watersports, winter sports, skydiving or fishing sports, Sydney has a lot to offer. There are also major sporting events that you can attend in most times of the year.

Some of the Sports Teams that you should watch in Sydney

When you are a sports enthusiast, you want to watch different teams as they take on each other. Sydney gives you a perfect chance to watch local teams as they do what they do best. It’s also a great way to experience the culture of the city and interact with the locals.

Sydney Swans

If you are a football fan, then this is one of the teams that you should watch in action. It’s a club that has been around for years as it was founded back in the year 1874 as South Melbourne. The team is known to be tough and it’s unique since it is the first ever team that competed in the Australian Football League (AFL) from outside Victoria formerly known as the Victorian Football League.

The Sydney Sixers

For the lovers of cricket and visiting Sydney in summer, this is the team to watch out for. The team is part of the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia. For six weeks in summer, there is a cricket league that takes place in the harbor city and this is one of the best teams that you can watch as they perform.

Newtown Jets

For the rugby lovers, the Newtown Jets is a team that is a must watch when in Sydney. To watch this rugby league football club in action, you should head down to Henson Park, Newton which is their home ground. The best time to visit is during winter a time that the grounds are filled with activities as locals also come to watch the team perform. Newtown Jets compete in the Canterbury NSW Cup.

Western Sydney Wanderers

Football has become one of the most popular sports in the world today. The Western Sydney Wanderers otherwise simply known as the Wanderers will keep you entertained while in Sydney. Although it has been around since the year 2012, it has a strong foundation as it has won an AFC Champions League and an A-League Premiership where it competes in.

Whether you prefer watching cricket tournaments, you love rugby or soccer, Sydney is a great destination to watch great teams in action. The Wanderers (Western Sydney Wanderers), Sydney Swan, Newtown Jets, and the Sydney Sixers are just some of the teams that you should watch. You can research in advance before heading to the harbor to see when the teams will be playing.

Important Features of a Soccer Jersey

Soccer teams are easily identified with their jerseys and their fans do their best to have such jerseys. As a soccer player or a manager for a soccer team, you definitely need jerseys for the game. There are features of jerseys that you cannot ignore. This will ensure that the players are comfortable while playing.

  • Quality

Quality is one thing that should never be compromised when buying soccer jerseys for your team. Quality makes a lot of difference in the comfort of the players and the longevity of the wear. It is shameful to fall while playing only for the jersey to be torn instantly. Invest in quality material and you will not be disappointed.

  • Work With a Budget

A kit for an entire club can be quite expensive when numbers and quality are considered. Despite this, it is important that you work with your budget to ensure that the purchase does not stress you.

  • Comfort

The jersey should neither be too loose nor too tight. This is because if it’s too tight or too loose, the player will not be comfortable as the movements will be restricted. If it’s too heavy, this will cause discomfort too. Comfort is of paramount importance as it plays a significant role on how the player performs. When a jersey fits well without causing discomfort, it looks appealing.

  • Ensure it is Easily Customized

Everyone is looking for something that they can easily customize. The jerseys that you buy for your team should be easy to customize. Since for the club they have the numbers and names engrossed in advance, if you want to do it yourself, the jerseys should be easy to customize.

  • Be Modern

As you purchase soccer jerseys, ensure that you are investing in the current models. You do not want your team to look outdated while competitors are shining in their kits.

  • Be Careful with the Designs

Most soccer teams have different kits. They have home, away and alternate kits that they wear. Do not mix them when purchasing or compromise the quality of any of them. All should be of great quality.

Whether you are a club manager, a football player or fan, you should purchase quality jerseys. Quality never disappoints as you can wear the jersey for a long time to come. The bottom line is that you have to purchase the right kit for your team.

Watersports to Engage in While in Sydney

Summer is a time that people have fun. It’s a time to get wet and when in Sydney, this is a perfect chance to engage in watersports. The beauty of being in Sydney is that there are varieties of watersports and spots to choose from. Whether it is surfing, kayaking or parasailing, you will be spoilt for choice.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Also a great way to explore Sydney from a different angle, stand-up paddle boarding is an amazing watersport in Sydney. It does not matter whether you have done it before or you are a beginner, you can rent a paddle board. The best place to do this is at Sydney Harbor.


This is a sport that will get you to see the spectacular Sydney from a different perspective. Parasailing gives you an aerial view of the famous Sydney Harbor, the city and its surrounding. This is of course if you are not afraid of heights. Do not worry if you are not a pilot since you can book a tandem flight. Manly Wharf is a great point to start.

Swim and Sunbathe

The fun of going to a beach is swimming, sunbathing and building sand castles. Walking is also great. When you are in Sydney and you want to do this, you should head to the famous Bondi Beach that has a breathtaking coastline. This is actually one of the most iconic beaches in the country that is home to one of the oldest swimming clubs in the country. In the Bondi baths, you get a rare chance to swim laps with icebergs.

Go Surfing

Surfing is fun but it requires training. While in Sydney, you can easily learn how to surf in a surfing school. This is not a sport that you wake up and decide that you are an expert. It’s surprising that you can see surfers at the beach at any time including at dawn. Bondi beach is a popular surfing spot and this can be attested by the fact that one of the world’s oldest surf lifesaving clubs is located here.

Scuba Diving

The underwater world of Sydney is amazing and rich in living reefs and colorful marine life. To see what the area has to offer, you can go scuba diving. If you have time, you can get trained on this thus you do not have to worry about how experienced you are.

Why You Should be Playing Games

Games are a way of life for both a huge number of adults and kids. Games are entertaining and educative at the same time. While some indulge in games to earn money, others will do the same for entertainment and keeping fit. There are varieties of benefits that come with engaging in games. 


  • It’s a Good Way to Reduce Stress


Different people are faced with different stress levels in the modern world. If stress is not reduced or managed, it can lead to worse scenarios. Playing a different kind of games helps players reduce their stress levels.


  • Stimulates Skills


Problem-solving and decision making skills are of vital importance in life and in games. Since one is required to overcome challenges while playing games, these kinds of skills are enhanced and this is an advantage in the real world. 

  • Your Social Skills are Boosted


Staying in sync with other people is a good thing in life. You never know when you will need them. When you play games together and have fun, you improve your social skills. 


  • You Learn to Pay Attention


In any competition whether in life or in games, you need to pay attention to detail if you are to emerge the best. As you focus on beating your opponent while playing games you improve your attention power. 

  • Boosts Overall Health


For you to have a happy life, good health is of vital importance. When you engage in games regularly, you exercise your entire body which boosts your overall health. Inactive joints and body in general increases risk of diseases such as osteoporosis, lower back pain, muscle mass loss and cardiovascular issues among others. 

  • You Learn to Follow Instructions 


In every game, there are a set of rules that must be followed. Whether it’s kids or adult games, instructions must be followed to have a fair competition. With this, every participant learns to follow instructions which instill good habits in the outside world. 

  • A Competitive Spirit is Stimulated


We live in a highly competitive world where most people are doing their best to be the best. Engaging in different games is a great way to stimulate a competitive spirit.


No matter your age, there is always a game that you can engage in. Playing a game is a good way to learn how to deal with life challenges and defeat. It is also a great way to hone various life skills. 

Highest paying sports in the world

A lot of people have the notion that the entertainment industry is the highest paying on the planet. But that is not entirely true. Today, there are certain sports that pay very well. Sports stars are among the richest people on the planet.

Basically, every sport has different leagues. There are some leagues that pay an insane amount of money to grow their industry and lure players. Every sport has its stars. These man and women are paid very well.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the highest paying sports in the world.


This is one of the most popular sports in the world. It was first played in spring field and is presently governed by the NBA-(National Basketball Association). The salaries of basketball players are insane. Some earn more than a million dollars. The average salary of a basketball player is more than 4million dollars.


Boxing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. But it pays very well. Most boxing championships enable boxer to bag a large amount of money at the end of the contest. The loser of most boxing match often walks away with more money than an average athlete.

Auto racing

Auto racing is one of the most popular and high paying sport in the world. A lot of major bands endorse these race drivers. The risk involved in this sport is very high, one single mistake could cost the lives of a lot of divers or could lead to serious injuries. But the risk of this sport is offset by the prize money that comes with a win.

Michel Schumacher became one of the richest sportsmen in the world after winning a major race.

American football

American football is basically one of the highest paying sports in the world. The reason why it is high paying is that it has a very large audience. An average player is paid more than two million dollars.


Soccer is the most watched sport. Soccer star, Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in the world. The soccer team that plays in major leagues are paid very well.


Golf has a different paying system. The amount of money a player is going to make is dependent on the number of tournaments he wins. Not too long ago Golf legend Tigerwood was the highest paid athlete in the world.

Tired? Relax in Your Newly Decorated Bathroom


y means of this article, I will show you how to decorate bathrooms with poor money and thus achieve an elegant bathroom with a cozy atmosphere. This is perfect for retreating after a long and hard sports session.

For that I want you to take note is these interesting Tips for decorating the bathroom with little money and so you can start decorating your bathroom. Of course if you want to go all out you can always request a Sydney bathroom renovation from the experts.

We all know that the bathroom is the most important space in a home and that is why decoration should be mandatory. Because you must show your personal stamp on the decoration.

Before you start decorating the bathroom, you should talk with all the members of your family and agree on color and furniture.

For that, you must know if your bathroom is small or large, for small bathrooms it is recommended to paint them in light colors, while in large ones other colors can be used.

The important thing is to choose a color that the whole family likes, the color is not very feminine and not very masculine, but it should be refreshing and relaxing.

If your bathroom has walls covered with tiles that you no longer like, do not worry. What you should do is change them or you can simply paint them with a special enamel.

On the walls you should also put two types of towel racks; for bath towels, you must put a large hanger and for the hand towels place a small hanger.

You should also put deposits where you can place the toothbrushes and to put the hygiene products you must place shelves.

In the window, you must install a beautiful curtain that harmonizes with all the decoration of your bathroom. The idea is that you put a curtain of soft color and that it is not transparent.

You should also give life to your mirror and for that, you should use a molding. For example; if your mirror is simple you must put a painted wooden molding and you can add elegance to it.

The shelves are really ideal for bathrooms and you can put them on the walls. On the shelves, you can place aromatic candles, a plant, wipes or some other adornment.

Currently, there are many people who have a shower in their bathroom and that is why it is very important that they use glass doors, so you can create an amplitude effect.

The glass doors are ideal because they give your bathroom a good lighting and avoid splashing water when you are bathing.

For you to structure and order your bathroom you must buy or place thin shelves that are made of aluminum.

To finish I will mention below some very important points that you should know to have an elegant bathroom

  • To paint your bathroom you must choose colors that bring light and freshness.
  • To gain storage space in the bathroom you must place shelves.
  • To give style and elegance to your bathroom you must put a large mirror
  • You must put a pretty shade of light tones that enhance the decoration.
  • Accessories such as candles, bath salts or soap petals cannot be missing in your bathroom.

Top 5 Golf Courses in Sydney

Whether you’re a budding golfer or a certified pro, make sure to visit these excellent golf courses in Sydney.

Mona Vale Golf Club

With an equal combination of hilled and flat terrain for a relatively cheap $50 a round, this is the perfect place to go to for the young golfers in training. This course regularly hosts the NSW Amateur Championship as well, so you might want to consider joining that to further hone your skills.

Bankstown Golf Club

Located in the West of Sydney, Banks town Golf Club promises serene and peaceful playing. Despite its initial unassuming quality (it’s not so different from the other golf courses you’ll find in suburban Sydney), this course boasts breathtaking scenery, an upper-crust golfing experience, and none of the pesky ocean winds to deal with.

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

Go further down West, and you’ll find this hidden gem of a golf course. It’s around the untouched places of Eastern Creeks, which gives it its unusual layout. With bunkers and water features, this is not for the casual golfer, but for the golfer that wants to be challenged.

The Coast Golf Club

What makes this golf club stick out from the rest is its location. While you play your 18 holes, you can also admire the beauty that is Botany Bay and all of its surroundings. This is best for golfers whose sole purpose is to get their minds off of things and just relax.

Royal Sydney Golf Club

You may have heard of this golf course, and that’s because it’s served as host for the Australian Open a number of times already. Another reason you may have heard of it is that this is where John Daly famously broke a spectator’s camera back in 2008. Other than its role in golfing history, Royal Sydney Golf Club is a no frills course that offers 18 holes of challenging the play. It might not be innovative, but it will challenge your skills and make you a better player. Good luck getting in though: the membership has an incredibly long waiting list (and understandably so!). if you do finally get yourself a membership, rest assured that you won’t regret it

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