Sports That Tourists Can Engage in Sydney

When you are a sports enthusiast and you are visiting Sydney, you definitely want to engage in a certain sport. The beauty of being in this beautiful city is that it never disappoints. There is always something for you. There are different kinds of sports such as skydiving; fishing, whitewater rafting, golfing and boating among many others.

Go Skydiving and Hang-Gliding

When you want to test your adrenaline, you should go for hang-gliding and skydiving. You will enjoy spectacular views of hinterlands and beautiful beaches. Skydiving in Sydney is quite rewarding as there is plenty of sea life and marine parks to explore. The Julian Rocks Marine Reserve makes a perfect spot to see manta rays and turtles while Montague Island is perfect for diving with seals. Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, Wollongong, Coffs Harbor, and New Castle are great to jump zones.

Enjoy Watersports

Considering that Sydney has plenty of beaches, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to watersports. For whitewater rafting, head to Penrith Whitewater Stadium and at the Sydney Harbour, paddle a kayak. One of the highlights of paddling a kayak is watching bottlenose dolphins as they play. Besides this, fishing is enjoyed at any time of the day. Charter fishing trips and fly fishing are also common in the city.

Play Golf

For the golf lovers, Sydney has plenty of golf courses such as the Blue Mountains which is declared as a World Heritage Site, the Hunter Valley and Southern Islands among others. Whether you want a countryside experience or one with spectacular views of a beach, you will have that. Actually you can play golf while enjoying scenic views of the famous Bondi Beach.

Winter Sports

If you are in Sydney during winter, you do not have to stay indoors. You can still go out there and enjoy the moment of playing various sports. The Snowy Mountains will keep you busy and warm as you enjoy skiing.

More Outdoor Activities

You will not run out of the activities that you can engage in. Abseiling, cycling, walking is just some of the other outdoor activities.  Check out Georges bike shop for great bicycles for sale.

To have an aerial view of the harbor city, you should go for hot-air ballooning and even parasailing.

Whether you love playing golf, watersports, winter sports, skydiving or fishing sports, Sydney has a lot to offer. There are also major sporting events that you can attend in most times of the year.

Some of the Sports Teams that you should watch in Sydney

When you are a sports enthusiast, you want to watch different teams as they take on each other. Sydney gives you a perfect chance to watch local teams as they do what they do best. It’s also a great way to experience the culture of the city and interact with the locals.

Sydney Swans

If you are a football fan, then this is one of the teams that you should watch in action. It’s a club that has been around for years as it was founded back in the year 1874 as South Melbourne. The team is known to be tough and it’s unique since it is the first ever team that competed in the Australian Football League (AFL) from outside Victoria formerly known as the Victorian Football League.

The Sydney Sixers

For the lovers of cricket and visiting Sydney in summer, this is the team to watch out for. The team is part of the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia. For six weeks in summer, there is a cricket league that takes place in the harbor city and this is one of the best teams that you can watch as they perform.

Newtown Jets

For the rugby lovers, the Newtown Jets is a team that is a must watch when in Sydney. To watch this rugby league football club in action, you should head down to Henson Park, Newton which is their home ground. The best time to visit is during winter a time that the grounds are filled with activities as locals also come to watch the team perform. Newtown Jets compete in the Canterbury NSW Cup.

Western Sydney Wanderers

Football has become one of the most popular sports in the world today. The Western Sydney Wanderers otherwise simply known as the Wanderers will keep you entertained while in Sydney. Although it has been around since the year 2012, it has a strong foundation as it has won an AFC Champions League and an A-League Premiership where it competes in.

Whether you prefer watching cricket tournaments, you love rugby or soccer, Sydney is a great destination to watch great teams in action. The Wanderers (Western Sydney Wanderers), Sydney Swan, Newtown Jets, and the Sydney Sixers are just some of the teams that you should watch. You can research in advance before heading to the harbor to see when the teams will be playing.