Top 5 Golf Courses in Sydney

Whether you’re a budding golfer or a certified pro, make sure to visit these excellent golf courses in Sydney.

Mona Vale Golf Club

With an equal combination of hilled and flat terrain for a relatively cheap $50 a round, this is the perfect place to go to for the young golfers in training. This course regularly hosts the NSW Amateur Championship as well, so you might want to consider joining that to further hone your skills.

Bankstown Golf Club

Located in the West of Sydney, Banks town Golf Club promises serene and peaceful playing. Despite its initial unassuming quality (it’s not so different from the other golf courses you’ll find in suburban Sydney), this course boasts breathtaking scenery, an upper-crust golfing experience, and none of the pesky ocean winds to deal with.

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club

Go further down West, and you’ll find this hidden gem of a golf course. It’s around the untouched places of Eastern Creeks, which gives it its unusual layout. With bunkers and water features, this is not for the casual golfer, but for the golfer that wants to be challenged.

The Coast Golf Club

What makes this golf club stick out from the rest is its location. While you play your 18 holes, you can also admire the beauty that is Botany Bay and all of its surroundings. This is best for golfers whose sole purpose is to get their minds off of things and just relax.

Royal Sydney Golf Club

You may have heard of this golf course, and that’s because it’s served as host for the Australian Open a number of times already. Another reason you may have heard of it is that this is where John Daly famously broke a spectator’s camera back in 2008. Other than its role in golfing history, Royal Sydney Golf Club is a no frills course that offers 18 holes of challenging the play. It might not be innovative, but it will challenge your skills and make you a better player. Good luck getting in though: the membership has an incredibly long waiting list (and understandably so!). if you do finally get yourself a membership, rest assured that you won’t regret it